Rainbows Have No End

More than collaborators, these two artistic souls are quite simply, true compliments.  As eccentric is to cutting edge, as lemon is to lime, as a shoe is to a leg (or perhaps it’s the other way around), rissy + frankie are not only the perfect pair, they were designed for each other. 

Rissy got colorfully lost in the realm of painting and never looked back.  Motivated by a desire to create smiles and positive energy through her work, Rissy manifested the movement of spreading visual happiness.  High intensity color, organic fluidity, and a kaleidoscopic heart full of boundless energy is exactly what she brings to the streets of New York.  And of course, let's not forget about those limitless legs of hers.

Frankie exudes quiet confidence, passion, and a sensitivity deeper than anyone could know.  From a chunky bootie to six-inch stilettos, Frankie’s endless love for photographing women’s  footwear throughout the years has never faltered. He began capturing moments simply for himself, motivated by his own enthusiasm. Frankie pours that same sophisticated intensity into unearthing the perfect heel, composing stylized legs, and driving forward endless nights.  He has never shared his imagery, let alone this private passion with anyone; until now.

rissy + frankie is more than a blending of art and fashion.  rissy + frankie highlights strength and femininity, capitalizes on day melting into night, and focuses on high heels, street art, and limbs becoming canvas.

Street art and heels are what brought them together; music, color, and sensitivity are what keep them together.  Fueled by rainbow coated legs and the desire to create, this series is just the start of something monumental.