Frank Rispoli’s photos open a portal into seeing New York City. His collections span eras and subjects, capturing the daily treasure of being engaged with the urban fabric. Rather than nostalgic the lens is immediate and direct. The scenes don’t need flourish or filter. Legs reach out, with shoes as their face. A red coat in a dressing room hails our belief in the smell and feel of a stage. A Queens apartment is a marriage of memory and forensics. We are close enough to see the fractures in thick makeup on a downtown queen. Rispoli’s lens is an access point to the fabulous tableau we experience everyday. 

Rispoli is a multi-media artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He received his MFA in Sculpture and Photography in 2009 and his BFA in Environmental and Interior Design in 1972, both from Pratt Institute. Frank received his AAS in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. His photographs and installations have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Museum of Contemporary Crafts, and BLAM Projects, as well as published in books and magazines. Rispoli has over thirty years of professional experience as an environmental designer and has taught undergraduate and graduate levels at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute, and the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising. 

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